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Hello, I have mydomain dot com which is WordPress based site with Fastcomet. I configured it with Cloudflare. I added subdomain sub dot mydomain dot com and want to point it to GroovePages, as they mentioned we have to create CNAME record pointing to

I did the same but the site is not redirected to groovepages, when I enter the subdomain in the browser it gives an error:

Error 526

Ray ID: 5d421ad08badc35e • 2020-09-17 10:22:13 UTC

Invalid SSL certificate

Why do you not think the subdomain is not pointing to groovepages? You said you added the necessary CNAME record. That should do it.

Regarding the error, that indicates the server doesn’t have a proper certificate for your subdomain. I suggest you edit that DNS record to set it to :grey: (DNS Only) and make sure it works with HTTPS before you set it back to :orange:.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I set it to DNS only and now it is showing the site but not secure. I didn’t get you when you said to make sure it works with HTTPS before you set it back?

The destination site has a certificate and it is from Cloudflare as well, I don’t know why it is not allowing https? Also, my settings on Cloudflare is SSL Full(strict). I tried to change to Full only but still no effect.

That would seem to be the problem. You’ll need to get GroovePages to configure SSL for that subdomain.

I just enabled proxy again instead of just DNS and it works fine. Thanks for your support

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