Groove funnels / Cloudflare

I have domain name that uses Cloudflare DNS but it is built into and configured using product.
The root domain will resolve to the Groove site however WWW will resolve to a ClickFunnels site that I’m no longer using. Changing the WWW subdomain is considered reserved in Groove and it cannot be changed. Even though the DNS is configured entirely in Groove support is telling my that I need to contact clickfunnels. Groove has stopped answering any technical questions on this topic and rejecting posts in the FB groups. I’m hoping that someone in the Cloudflare community would know how to address this.

You’ll probably want to try the “Liberate the Hostname” option from this tutorial for your www hostname:


Thank you for this!
It’s a shame that Groove refused to address the issue. Groove is such garbage. If it wasn’t paid for life I would not be using it. That product is borderline fraud.
Thanks again.

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