Groove DNS for Cloudflare registered domain

My domain is registered with Cloudflare and is assigned DNS servers jake & lily.
I am setting up my site on which requires I change the DNS to dora and major (also on Cloudflare). To add to the complication, current DNS records point emails to and custom funnels on
This stuff makes my head spin - what are the consequences of changing the DNS settings on this Cloudflare REGISTERED domain?

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Cloudflare Registrar terms of service 6.1 states that you can’t change name servers. You’d have to transfer the registration to a third party.

Thanks, I found the terms you mentioned.

Groove actually uses Cloudflare nameservers so I hope they have some deal between them for this situation. Maybe on the Groove side there is a way to use my existing DNS.

I just heard back from Groove support and yes there is a way.
Connecting a domain to Groove using the Legacy setup - YouTube
It’s called the legacy method, not as slick as the current way but it will work.

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Does their Legacy setup using a CNAME? Nothing wrong with that, I was just curious.

Yes, a TXT Verification record then CNAME. It’s fine, but with all the different kinds of sites/pages on Groove, not quite as slick. The new wizard is just a click to setup each type.

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