Grey cloud in DNS is not working

Hello! I am trying to disable caching for subdomain, but it doesn’t work. I purged cache, enabled dev mode, but still have 524 error with my long running script.

If you have set the DNS entry to :grey: but have an application that is still connecting to Cloudflare you most likely need to resolve the issue one the client, as no settings in Cloudflare will apply unless the hostname is :orange:. How to diagnose and resolve depends on your Operating System, so the commands below may be different on your machine.

First, use a tool like to verify that the DNS result for the hostname in question is working as expected. The result should be the IP address of your origin server, and not the two or three Cloudflare addresses you get for :orange: hostnames.

If that test is OK, then it is confirmed as a local issue, and you need to investigate whether you have a local hosts file, or a local DNS cache that needs to be purged.

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