Grey Cloud A and CNAME DNS not propagating

I've setup a grey cloud A and CNAME Record
I've waited a week the first time, and now an hour, and they never propagate.
When I use a dns lookup tool; the A and CNAME never show up.
I also used a global propagation check tool and it reported red "x" globally.  Confirming that the A and CNAME are not being propagated.

In the end, I'm trying to get my domain to point to platform as per their documentation:

Do I need to do something else to get the grey cloud (DNS Only) entries to propagate?

Any help greatly appreciated!

I see in one of the pinned posts:
Do be aware that if you are expecting a CNAME record after gray clouding you’ll need to ensure C NAME flattening is turned off."

But, there does not appear to be an option on my dns to turn it off. 

How do I turn flattening off so that the CNAME propagates. needs to see the CNAME to finish the setup on their side.

My error. I had the cname at the root/apex and not the www subdomain. My fault. Sorry.

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