Greengeeks to Cloudflare DNS issue

I originally connected to Cloudflare through my hosting network greengeeks but now I’m having a memory space issue should I change the DNS for this website or leave it as it is.

If you’re facing any issues, best suggested is to pause Cloudflare for your site. Read the doc:

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Pausing it my CDN makes no sense at all. Dont think you got the question. No matter Ill deal with it.

It makes perfect sense. That will change your DNS so it resolves direct to your host, allowing you to make any DNS changes necessary as you deal with the issue.

Ive fixed the issue, seems I didnt explain it well enough then I guess from the answers. I set up an authority website through C panel on Greengeeks hosting to Cloudflare when I moved from siteground, greengeeks then removed the option to connect to Cloudflare from their C panel so my website is running fine through cloudflare with the old DNS from connecting via greengeeks Cpanel. The question I had was could it be something to do with the memory space issue problem that I was having which I fixed and had nothing to do with cloudflare or pausing anything on cloudflare or doing anything on cloudflare
[https:// www.greengeeks. com/support/article/cloudflare-cpanel-plugin-deprecation/]

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