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I have set up about 40 different cloudflare accounts for use of the https in the last 3 months so I have a pretty good idea how to do it BUT I just activated Cloudflare on a Dreamhost hosted domain and had a little trouble getting it working.

RIGHT NOW - The site shows a green padlock and surfs fine as https but throws “SSL Connection” and “Mixed Content” Errors with no details after testing at Results URL‑46c6‑46ce‑8f68‑8997104fccc1

Wordpress is current and all links are https in the database… Plugins to get it to work include… Actually just the Cloudflare WP plugin - (I had installed others but they have been off a while now).

There is no redirect to https in the .htaccess or wp-config.php or functions.php.

EARLIER (Days ago)
Cloudflare Flexible SSL to fix an https redirect loop that ive read about but not been able to find a good explanaiton for mine stopped too - so OFF for days
Clouldflare SSL by Weslink - which adds support of cloudflare flexible SSL - OFF for days now as well
Really Simple SSL - Lightweight plugin without any setup to make your site SSL proof OFF for days too

I got the impression either from someone at dreamhost or some support article that i could and should either delete my cloudflare setup and start over but could not get clarity on it i needed a new account or if i could clear out the old. Neither the Dreamhost support or the article i read went into detail on that…

I have like 7 more domains to add to this cloudflare account which all want to use the SSL so if anyone could tell me about these errors and if i should just nuke the account or the servers or what that would be great!


An interesting thing to note here is that I also have the .COM domain for the domain name so instead of forwarding it or parking it - I set it up for testing with its own separate username on Dreamhost (Same account for both on cloudflare) and the .com domain is testing fine at!


Whenever I’m troubleshooting SSL, I use Chrome’s Dev Tools and watch the Security tab. It’ll show you certificate problems and/or mixed content issues. Right now, it all looks good.

You NoPadlock link didn’t work, but when I ran my own test there, it also failed. It makes me think it’s testing your origin server. Too bad it doesn’t show any connection information. So I think DNS hasn’t propagated to them yet.


Thanks sdayman - I checked the Chrome Dev Tools and it too sees it as working fine - thats the rub, the conundrum - Typically, when its broken, WhyNoPadlock does a great job of summarizing the individual errors - scroll down on the .COM link below and you will see details of errors of what is broken and why and all of which are fixable. I am gonna nuke the .ORG the best i can without creating a new account and see what happens… AND while waiting for that maybe fix up all the errors on the .COM



And just to clarify these all use the same Dreamhost master account/server AND are using the same cloudflare account for caching/ssl and configured exactly the same on each.


You’ve specified your minimum TLS version as 1.3 and the testing tool does not support it.

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