Green Lock is not showing

on the homepage of my wp site, I cannot see the green lock. I used some sites to see if there is a mixed content error. I realized there is no mixed content error.
Can you please help me fix it? I have asked the HOST provider but they referred me here

You have mixed content issues. Enable.‘Alwaxs use HTTPS’

still it is not fixed
i set that and waited a long time but no changes

You should also activate “Automatic HTTPS rewrites”. But your also loading external ressources via HTTP.




this is what i was looking for and couldn’t find. btw do you have any idea about how to solve the three files loading in http ?

Did you set both options?

About the Goole PKI links. I guess this needs to be fixed within your theme

well idk how to solve Automatic HTTPS rewrites

Set it to “ON”

actually this theme is also used on other websites of mine and there are no error
so i think this won’t work. and on the other hand only home page has this problem

it was ON

Step #5 in this tip is my sure-fire method to fixed Mixed Content when everything else doesn’t work:


Thanks. I was about to write the same :+1:

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thank you very much guys. i replaced the media mentioned here and It was fixed. btw what is the URL to the site made this report? i tried to find it but another tool said there is no problem with mixed content

The graphic @MarkMeyer posted is from Developer Tools in web browsers. Chrome (Hit F12) has a Security Tab in its Dev Tools that’s pretty straightforward.

Another good tool for this is

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