Grecaptcha.execute is not a function (turnstile)

Am following instructions to replace ReCaptcha with Turnstile.

I’vefollowed the ‘quick’ replace reCAPTCHA with Turnstile instructions but get an error on posting.

Have replaced:

  • javascript link,
  • site and private keys,
  • added Div to form
  • added domains to account

… but get an error as follows:

contact-us:1570 Uncaught TypeError: grecaptcha.execute is not a function
at contact-us:1570:28
at Object.ready (api.js?compat=recaptcha:1:4856)
at checkcaptcha (contact-us:1569:24)
at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (contact-us:587:174)

How do I fix, or where do I look for solutions?

Environment: .net framework 4.8 on Azure