Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site


Yesterday, after some issues, I removed my site from Cloudflare and add it again. I also change my name servers at my registrar in order to point to Cloudflare DNS. My site seems to load correctly but it does not seem to be cached by Cloudflare (MISS status everywhere). And when I look under “Overview” in Cloudflare I have this message instead of data:

Why do I have this message instead of data and why my site seems to not be cached?

Relax. You need to wait for few hours in order for the data (analytics) to populate.

How do you check the cache status?


Thank you for your answer. Ok I will wait a bit for the data to populate.

For the cache status, I check it with chrome:

The header above is the one from an image. I don’t understand why it is not “HIT”?

That’s strange. Can you share with us a sample URL that has the issue?

Here is an example:

It is showing me almost all requests with cache HIT:

Ok but why do I see MISS (and also EXPIRED) when I check the header on Chrome? Do you see the same as me in chrome?

Try to do a hard refresh (CTRL+SHIFT+R).

Your browser is loading the memory cache:

Thank you very much for your help! I can see the HIT now of course, I could have see that myself…

Have a good day!

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