Gray clouding or Orange clouding

I have a query, please suggest to me & clear me about this query.

  1. Which one is better & you suggest, gray clouding OR orange clouding.

  2. Which one is most of the website/blogger owner use.

  3. Which one is used for website/blogger visiter better experience?

Please suggest to me.

  1. :orange:
  2. :orange:
  3. :orange:

Thank you for your suggestion.
You suggest orange clouding in my record.
But when I do orange clouding in DNS option then my blogger site didn’t show any post pic.
that’s why I do gray clouding. when I did all gray clouding then my website/blogger site all post pic/thumbnail will shown.
How I did Orange clouding for better my website/blogger site than that problem will arise.
please help to do solve this problem.
Please help what to do.
Muhiuddin Alam

This behaviour is usually caused when you configure Cloudflare to cache responses, while also configuring your origin to vary the response depending on the type of browser making the first request. You are probably delivering webp images from your Origin for Chrome, but users on other browsers without webp support cannot render the webp images.

Either modify your caching behaviour, or don’t vary the response on the origin.

I had a brief look at your site, but kept getting redirected to advertisements for crypto-junk, with the advertisements made to look like legitimate articles from different news websites. When I saw my own website branding being abused in similar fashion I lost interest in looking any further.