Gray Cloud still getting 524 error

First, I setup a page rule to bypass cache on That didn’t stop the 524 errors.

Second, I enabled development mode. That didn’t stop the 524 errors.

Finally, I set everything to gray cloud. That didn’t stop the 524 errors.

What the heck?

If it is grey and you still get a 524 you probably a have propagation issue.

As for the error →

Whats the domain?

Your domain currently does not proxy through Cloudflare. It does load however the first attempt was relatively slow, subsequent ones were faster.

If it’s not proxied through CF, then how am I still getting 524 errors, even just a moment ago?

As I said, a propagation issue.

However, it actually does load through Cloudflare at the moment


If my rule was setup over two hours ago, and that still hasn’t propagated, what can I do?

And why does development mode not have an effect yet either?

Usually wait.

But again, it currently does work via Cloudflare too.

Development mode has nothing to do with DNS, it is about caching only.

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