GraphQL Server in Workers?

Apollo seems to be the only GraphQL server available that works on Workers, however, the size has grown to more than 1MB so it cannot be deployed.

Maybe a GraphQL interface can be integrated by default on the workers API?

Because I can see a ton of popularity gained to Workers by providing GraphQL.

I’ve had this same problem - the Apollo package is huge so we can’t deploy a Worker currently because of the filesize limit. I’m going to play around with a couple other GraphQL server packages and see if I can get something working. I completely agree that a Workers + GraphQL implementation would be rad: highly available, no server, no cold start… it would be awesome to get it working.

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I believe they are cooking something in that direction. As per tweet:

“Want to work on @Cloudflare Workers, new distributed databases, and what comes next?”

Not sure what you mean, the KV is a distributed database.

On a meetup informal conversation last month. Cloudflare team was analysing a path for distributed databases, one option talked was GraphQL.