GraphQL rate limiter budget depleted error question

Hey all, I started using the GraphQL API today in order to grab some Firewall Event data for my website.

What is the rate limit for GraphQL (Pro Plan or Business Plan)?

It says in this page of the developer docs that “The default quota is 300 GraphQL queries over 5-minute window . It allows a user to run at least 1 query every second or do a burst of 300 queries and then wait 5 minutes before issuing another query.”

However, I ran maybe 5 requests within an hour while testing some API requests and I am getting a rate limiter error.

Error message:

    "data": null,
    "errors": [
            "message": "rate limiter budget depleted, please try again later",
            "path": null,
            "extensions": {
                "code": "budget",
                "timestamp": "2023-06-01T15:45:47.262053048Z"

As an update, it has been 1 day and I still get this error. I found out that I can successfully get a response if I filter using datetime_leq and datetime_geq, but I cannot use filters source, ruleId, or clientIP.



Bump on this post. Still need some clarity on what this error means and how I can run the GraphQL API based on the different params I’d like to query for.

We are running into the same issue, and only for some specific queries. We, too, initially thought this might be due to the 300 req / 5-min limit but this is not the case.