GraphQL equivalents for analytics filters

I’m trying to use GraphQL to generate sums of traffic for specific file paths, and I’m wondering how the filter options available in the analytics dashboard map to the filter input objects.

In the analytics dashboard, options for filtering on Path are:

  • equals
  • does not equal
  • contains
  • does not contain
  • starts with
  • does not start with
  • ends with
  • does not end with

The corresponding filter objects seem to be:
clientRequestPath: string
clientRequestPath_geq: string
clientRequestPath_gt: string
clientRequestPath_in: [string!]
clientRequestPath_leq: string
clientRequestPath_like: string
clientRequestPath_lt: string
clientRequestPath_neq: string
clientRequestPath_notin: [string!]
clientRequestPath_notlike: string

How do those map to one another?