Granular control for Rate limit for API in FREE Cloudflare Plan


I am using Cloudflare FREE Plan to protect my API against attacks.

I set a rate limit and it is working very well.

However, sometimes I, like an administrator need to do a lot of request for my server than the current the rate limit that I set up allow me. I would know if there is any way in the FREE plan to bypass this verification if you are the administrator. I was thinking about what happened if I put my IP in the whitelist firewall.

Is this work? Thanks!

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If I understand correctly - you have a rate-limiting rule configured and you are happy with how it is working, but you want to avoid it for yourself?

Yes, you can use the ‘Allow’ rule in IP access rules to bypass all our security features (including rate-limiting). Another option and what I would advise going forward is to use ‘Bypass’ Rules under Firewall Rules - Firewall rules actions · Cloudflare Firewall Rules docs

Bypass rules allow you to bypass specific Cloudflare security features and be more granular with the expression about what requests you allow through.

I think that I can’t use BYPASS in the free plan, but I am glad to know that “whitelist” will work well. Thanks!

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