Granting permission to third party

I am currently contemplating to purchase a hosting account at HOSTLEGENDS ( For the time being, I am exchanging pre-sales messages with them as they are not sure that domain names parked at Cloudflare (therefore pointing to Cloudflare name serves) could be hosted at HOSTLEGENDS. It is their opinion I need to point the domain DNS to them, but I think they are not 100% correct even if their argument appears logical at first sight. I say this because neither A nor CNAME record alternatives were mentioned by them. Luckily they are happy to delve into the issue before having their last say on the topic.

I would like to give them access to one of the domain names on my Cloudflare account so that they could log in and explore by themselves the DNS capabilities offered by Cloudflare. My query today is as follows:

Would Cloudflare allow me to grant levels of permission to a third-party in such a way that someone from HOSTLEGENDS could log into one of my domain names to have a look, but without being able to make changes or attempt to transfer elsewhere any domain name?

Thank you in advance for any light that could be cast on this matter.

Unless you have an Enterprise plan, the only role you can give them is Administrator.

Thank you very much

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