Gradually moving over to Cloudflare


We are looking to start using Cloudflare for our organisation and thus needing to move our dns entries over from our current provider to Cloudflare.

We run quite a few, around a hundred or so, subdomains on which I cannot afford any type of downtime whatsoever.

We are looking to start off on the Business plan…

What would be the ideal / proper way to start with this migration? Would it be just enough for me to copy over all our dns entries and to set the entries to DNS only instead of Proxied? Should this not cause any issues at all? And then we can start to experiment one by one with the proxied option.

Are there any other risks involved moving the dns over to make a start?

Thanks a lot in advance for any pointers!

  • Mark

That sounds similar to the concerns in the below thread. I’ll add that the best way to transition DNS is to create a BIND file of your current records.

Thanks very much for linking this one! That does answer all the questions I have.

I was thinking that just adding all the records and setting them to DNS-only should be the safe way to do it.


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