Gradual fall in organic traffic since Cloudflare installation and enabling speed optimisation options


I have a bit of a problem, possibly connected to Cloudflare,

There is a significant fall in organic traffic (around 30%) that is registered by Google Analytics and Google Search Console even though my keywords rankings and impressions stay unchanged.

That happened in the last 45 days since I have installed Cloudflare second tier and shortly after enabled most of the speed improvement functions that actually gave better score on [].

No other important changes were done on the website and as mentioned all monitored ranks stayed the same or slightly improved.

Is it possible or common that Cloudflare or Cloudflare speed settings might effect registered organic traffic or SEO ? Any recommendations what should I try turning off or experiences that someone might share ?


Speed settings should not be the issue. Check your Cloudflare Dashboard > Security > Analytics and/or Events, and see if there are many legit visitors being blocked, and by which service. The panels should show the most affected paths, user agents etc.

If you see anything out of the expected, investigate further by filtering the relevant events, then check which service may be resulting in false positives, blocking legitimate visitors. Different services can be bypassed, skipped or disabled in different ways, and a :search: in this community might help.

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