Grace period transfer domain out

Is it possible to transfer a domain out of cloudflare when it’s day 30 after expiry (last day of grace period) or day 40 (last day of suspension period)?

It’s not possible to transfer in (Transfer a domain which is in grace period “Cloudflare does not allow you to transfer domains within 15 days of expiration, and definitely not after they expire.”) but what about transfer out if the other registrar allows it?

FAQs for Registrants: Transferring Your Domain Name - ICANN).

So if I understand that correctly, you must renew the domain at the current registrar if it has expired more than 30 days ago.

shows the domain in Redemption Grace Period

They are calling it a Redemption Grace Period but cloudflare has a grace period and redemption period which are separate.

From Cloudflare FAQ

  • Day 0: Expiration Date.
  • Day 1 - 30: Grace Period (domain resolves normally).
  • Day 31 - 40: Suspension Period (domains resolves to suspension page).
  • Day 41 - 70: Redemption Period.
  • Day 71 - 75: Pending Delete Period.

Cloudflare currently offers a 40-day grace period for most top-level domains (TLDs).

Does that mean you can create the authorization code to transfer the domain out until 40 days after expiration?

You are probably right. But it’s not something that I’ve tried.

I would really try to not let domains expire that you intend to keep using in general though :wink:

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Can you answer? Grace period transfer domain out

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