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I’d like a new .gov site to be registered to my account. I’ve opened support ticket #2290416. Currently, I’m getting “not a registered domain” when I attempt to register. I’ve read other posts that state y’all need to do some special stuff to get these domains working. The registrar states that I need a SOA and an NS. Thank you!

Hi @user4500,

I’m escalating your ticket to the Cloudflare Support Team to get this looked at.

Yes, it is often the case that .gov domains need to be added manually.

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Correct, simply “wgfl.gov” generates the “domain not registered” message. I’ve read that there are backend things that Cloudflare needs to do in order to get it registered. And, of course, if would be much easier if the registrar had the ability to do this upon domain creation, but unfortunately they do not!

Thanks for escalating!

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Its a bit of an odd situation. The registrar wants everything to be set before they register the domain and Cloudflare wants the domain to be registered before they set it up. See .Gov nameservers for cloudflare - #22.

No problem, hopefully someone should get to the ticket later today.

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If you already have a .gov domain, you can directly add that domain to your Cloudflare dashboard, select + Add a site from your Cloudflare dashboard, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/add-site.

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