.Gov nameservers for cloudflare

I believe it’s registered, but pending. Pending what? I’m not sure.

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It is the issue is the name server not being validated.

A Terminal WHOIS returns no results :slight_smile: so it’s probably that.

And what are you putting there now?

i used the one.one.one.one for cloudflare

That’s not correct. Use the default name servers for you registrar. Then do the Cloudflare steps.

This may be similar to the .de (or is it .dk?) where it won’t let you set name servers until the name servers you want to use already respond for your hostname.

My immediate suggestion would be to add it to dns.he.net (free service) to jumpstart the process of having that domain appear to be active.

It requires the domain to be active, at the very least. Since it’s freshly registered, it won’t have issues with that (those appear only on cross-Cloudflare moves). The domain must exist, otherwise Cloudflare won’t accept it.

that’s the point. the .gov does not have that option you have to use the nameserver that you are trying to point to, which is cloudflare. it is not a regular hosting scenario.

This seems extremely weird, but I have had to deal with .gov domains. Try and use a third-party as @sdayman suggested. Not sure Cloudflare can help here… we might try and escalate it, but I doubt it will solve something.

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This is a Chicken and Egg scenario. Cloudflare require you to have active nameservers before you can add your domain to their service. As @sdayman suggested, set the domain up temporarily on dns.he.net, then change to Cloudflare once the domain is active.


Do they have a secondary one as well. I have to have two

I presume so, register with them and follow their process. Never used them.

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Just as a note on this one - I believe the .gov TLD can put you into a catch-22 situation where you cannot add nameservers at the registrar until those nameservers are actually already responding for your domain.

In Cloudflare’s case, we won’t let you add the domain if we can’t detect that it has working nameservers. So unless your registrar or someone else provides working NS for the domain, you can’t add the domain to your Cloudflare account - you will get a message like example.gov is not a registered domain.

We can override this on a case by case basis but it’s manual work today. @kmontgomery are you still stuck here? Let me know and we’ll open a ticket for you internally to get you unstuck.


Hi Simon, We’re having the exact same issue regarding our .GOV domain. The registrar mentioned that this is a known issue and that Cloudflare needs to do a manual add for .gov domains. It is: EASTWASHINGTONPA.GOV

Can you assist us as well? Thanks! Kris

Please open a ticket and post the # here.

Thanks! I did. It’s #2192305

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@ew1, I’ve escalated this post and your ticket for the attention of the Customer Support Team.


@ew1 this is all sorted for you now.


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