.Gov nameservers for cloudflare - The Sequel

Greetings. I have found in other community postings, topics related to the one I am writing about…such as the original “.Gov nameservers for Cloudflare” post.

I understand there is some manual process involved in getting Name Servers provisioned for a newly registered .gov domain. Ours is parkcountyco[dot]gov

As recommended in other posts, I have created a ticket and attempted to explain what was needed based on the information shared in other posts, however, upon creation of the ticket, it was immediately changed to a state of resolved with no further resolution offered.

Ticket #: 2495227

Cloudflare Team Members were able to get tickets re-opened and escalated to the appropriate department/individuals in the prior cases. I would be very grateful if the same could be done here so I may be provisioned the necessary Primary & Secondary Name Servers to complete my .gov domain setup process.

Thank you!

I have escalated this post for you, so a member of the Support Team will look during the next community shift.

PS: Thanks for searching through previous posts before creating your own. It would be much easier if everyone did that :smile:

Thank You Albert! I appreciate your assistance!!

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