.gov domains and Cloudflare

I purchased a dot gov through the dot gov registrar site and need to host DNS with Cloudflare since the registrar only supports entering nameservers and not other DNS records. I set up a Cloudflare account and added the domain and then entered the Cloudflare nameservers at the registrar site. Now I am trying to auto-add DNS records from my office 365 account into the Cloudflare account, but I get an error from my Microsoft 365 site. It is saying something about not being able to confirm the domain. I read online that with .gov domains tech support has to do something manually to confirm the domain, does anyone know what this step is?

That was the case but is not any longer, you should be able to add it directly and change the nameservers at the registrar. What is the name of the domain?

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I was able to get it to work. Thanks for responding!


Thank you for confirming. Let us know if you encounter anything along the way

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