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I was told I needed to reach out to support if we have a .Gov domain. We created an account and send an email to support. All I get is a bot response that my email address is not linked to an account. It is definitely linked, as shown on my account page.

Please post the ticket #.

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Hi @jmitchell1 I see your tickets and I have reopened 07 with a link to this conversation, the others are closed and will leave them as such, no additional details in those that we need to merge.

I will also reopen the ticket but you’ll need to respond from the email address that is associated with the domain in order for support to work with you. Are you able to reply using the address you referenced in your ticket that owns the domain?

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Respond with the e-mail associated with the Cloudflare account, or the new domain that is not added to the account and did not open the ticket?

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If you want to add the zone under the email you identified, I’d reply from that one, cc the address you used on the ticket originally and Support will know what to do for next steps, sorry for the pain on this.

There is a bit of recent history on why this issue comes up and it’s one we are aware of, good example here, .Gov NameServers - #21 by rhippler. I’ll also escalate this thread here for my colleagues.

How would we be able to have e-mail on the desired domain if we haven’t been set up on DNS yet? Maybe I’m being dense, I don’t understand the process here.

I guess Cloudflare isn’t a good spot for .Gov domains, it doesn’t seem like they are set up for it.

Hi @jmitchell1,

You should have had a follow up about this in Ticket #2208507. Let us know if that’s not the case.

The last message I have is 7/16/21 @ 1213P CST.

Did that ask you for a reply and did you reply back to it? Our escalation here was updated today and I believe the ticket was waiting for a response from you.

Tagging @cloonan / @Chris_M to check - #2208507


All set, thank you sir.


Fantastic, glad you got it resolved!

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