Got triple charged for 1 domain transfer! $25.71 instead of $8.57

Can someone please take a look at my ticket above? I was charged 3 times the amount of 1 domain transfer. One domain transfer should be $8.57 instead of $25.71. (I live in US and is in USD).
There seems to be a bug in the system. There were 2 errors while transferring the same domain. On third try, it succeeded. The system should not charge my credit card 3 times. It should only charge my credit card after successful transfer. Do you guys QA the site?

I opened 2 tickets and the bots and systems kept complaining I’m not the Super Administrator.
The automated billing and support bot is really annoying and not helpful.
Also… you guys need to understand about using + addressing in gmail.

Kept telling me I’m not the Super Administrator, but I am. And I’m opening the second ticket with my Super Administrator account and opened the second ticket!!! Frustrating with bugs and billings! Sure, I understand support is minimal for free plan. But for resolving billing and overcharging issues, it should have the same support… Especially overcharging the customers.


Hi @user112102,
Please just reply to one of the existing tickets or post the ticket ID here and we can open it for you and escalate to our team.

Hi Laurie,
Yes, please escalate to the team: Ticket 2451644


Hi @user112102,
I have escalated your ticket, you should receive a reply shortly.

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Thanks Laurie! :slight_smile:
My issues has been resolved now.
Really appreciate you help on this.


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