Got HTTP ERROR 464 after Upgrading to PRO


My sites are working when my plan is Free.

My sites is hosted in AWS with ELB, when i visit the ELB its working fine.

When i upgrade our plan to PRO, we got an error HTTP 464 after an upgrade.

Im using CNAME → ELB DNS

When i tried to point the DNS to my free plan account its working and it didn’t work on my paid pro plan.

I appreciate any help.


Amazon says this:

But why it working on free plan of cloudflare?
Then suddenly its not working when we upgrade. my setup in ELB and App server is using HTTP2

Quite often it’s coincidence if something else happened to change at the same time.

Is this a gRPC connection?

its a HTTP/2, actually i tried to point the CNAME under my other domain and its works since its free account. Maybe i can downgrade my plan instead, since even i purchase pro but no one from cloudflare support respond on us.

I review my AWS ELB and it works right now

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