Got "Failed: an internal error occurred." forever

I always got an error “Failed: an internal error occurred. If this continues, contact support:” when push to master branch (This does not affect preview branches)


2024-04-09T12:15:17.457061Z	Cloning repository...
2024-04-09T12:15:19.978515Z	From
2024-04-09T12:15:19.979034Z	 * branch            ed94a254f51fcb4c39debaa80e72b6d6ddf4fb69 -> FETCH_HEAD
2024-04-09T12:15:20.031159Z	HEAD is now at ed94a25 update wrangler.toml
2024-04-09T12:15:20.187287Z	Using v2 root directory strategy
2024-04-09T12:15:20.229926Z	Success: Finished cloning repository files
2024-04-09T12:15:24.219026Z	wrangler.toml config file detected
2024-04-09T12:15:25.186341Z	Failed: an internal error occurred. If this continues, contact support:

My Pages Domain:

I’m getting this as well, I had to remove pages_build_output_dir to get it to work, but now it’s just ignoring my wrangler.toml & building without it.

Hey @singeeking @jim64
We have rolled out a fix for this. Can you please confirm if it still fails with internal error? It should now give you information on what is actually going wrong (or just work :slight_smile: )

It just works now!

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