Got emails indicating DNS change on 3 of my sites? I didnt make those changes. Whats going on?

Get 3 emails from Sucuri indicating DNS change on 3 of the sites that are on Cloudflare. I did not make those chnanges. What is going on?

I am not familiar with this kind of notification/alerts, however are they related to the fact as the IP changed or? :thinking:

As long as the DNS records are proxied and set to :orange: cloud, Cloudflare is an anycast network, meaning the IPs could change in the next few days or months if so.

Kindly, navigate to the Cloudflare dashboard → Account → Audit Log to check what happened and inspect any changes / events which occured in the past. This might help you to figure out how did the DNS records dissapeared from the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name.

Furthermore, are you using eZoic ads or some 3rd-party service alongside Cloudflare? :thinking:

Anyone else having access to your Cloudflare account or is added as a “member” so it can manage and change settings? :thinking:


Thanks. I don’t see an Audit Button.

Here is the link to Cloudflare dashboard:

Do you notice any suspicous logins from new IP’s?

A new IP login will send you an email looking like this

If you do NOT recognize the login: IMMEDIATELY change your password!

No. But DNS for 3 of our sites has been changed. We see the old & the new ones in Cloudflare dashboard.

Perhaps check your “Sessions” tab (it’ll look something like the screenshot below)

If you do not recognize a session: REVOKE IT IMMEDIATELY AND CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD!

How do you get to sessions tab?

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