Got charged on cloudflare registrar, even tho my domain couldn't be transfered

I tried to transfer two domains to Cloudflare registrar. A .siite and a .net domain.
The transfer worked for the .site one, but I got the message, that it didn’t work for the .net one,

My issue now is, that I still got charged for the .net one (Still got the payment confirmation on PayPal as-well as from Cloudflare itself).

I use namecheap and I’ve followed the steps to transfer it (disabled WhoIsGuard and unlocked the domain).

I really don’t know, what I should do now to fix this issue, since I also only got confirmation of the transfer-request for the .site domain.

Hi @andreas95, sorry about that. Have you opened a ticket with support? Login & go to Tagging @SamRhea.

Hey @cloonan
When I go to the page, I only get options, to check the status of Cloudflare, go to Cloudflare community or to the help-center,
And I checked the help-center, but couldn’t find a way, to open a ticket or contact support in another way.

Ah, in the support center at the bottom of most pages and articles there’s a didn’t find what you need open a ticket option.

Thank you. I didn’t know that the “Get more help” button was for creating a ticket.
I now opened one.

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