Got blocked from Discord for no reason

what do i do i got blocked from discord
how do i get unblocked


I need help today I got a screen that came instead discoard and showed me I have been blocked
someone help please


i had the same isue

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I was using discord when all of a sudden messages weren’t loading than I restarted my pc than it said sorry you have been blocked how do i unblock it


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it is blocked

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So i loaded up discord today and was welcomed by this message. I have no clue what i have done to get this. I dont run any proxy or vpn or anything like that. Im just a casual gamer, whos been using discord since 2016

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me too bro but why?

Please help me asap.

Ask Discord to check why it blocked you. They are the ones who configure the blocking rules.

I suspect they made some changes that accidentally blocked everyone

I was minding my own business when i just got banned from discord how to fix it help plz

I look at reddit but it’s same.So many people got blocked.

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20 minutes ago I was still able to use Discord then I did the new Windows update and then downloaded the new AMD drivers and then this happened

need help??


Same Problem here…i tried to stream my online game but the api hangs so i clicked maybe three times on stream my screen and then discord blocked me…so what can we do now?

And there is no solution

its back up

and i play cod

same, not sure what happened, was chatting with friends and poof banned

mine is working again try closing discord and re opening

Hey i was playing League of Legends and when game was done i checked discord. Wanted to open msg someone sent me and when i did that this window opens. Any tips how to fix it?

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