Got a 525 error

i configured my site months ago, it works perfectly, but today about 10 mins ago, it suddenly down and show a 525 error, i really don’t know why, i’ve already searched the net but find a solution, please help

Try pause Cloudflare and wait for few minutes, try to access the site again.


i will try

doesn’t work… still get 525. my ssl config seems good because it works for month… god

When you pause Cloudflare, what it does is, it will unproxy all the traffic so that your traffic can be routed to your server directly. This requires some time for DNS to propagate. Your device may still having the old DNS cache hence you still get Error 525. Once your DNS cache is updated, your traffic should route to your server directly instead of Cloudflare - and you should not able to see Error 525 again because Error 525 is Cloudflare-specific error code.

i have found the reason, its beacuse my domain’s profile has been revoked, so the provider intercept the traffic… i am trying to transfer my service to an abroad provider…

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