Got a 523 error on google, Siteground say that everything is fine

Like I said in the title, I used browseo (free tool, here’s a link: to look at how google sees my website.

What they see is a 523 error.

I use siteground and my cloudflare service is activated through them so I contacted them (like is recommended with this problem) and according to them there is no ip connectivity issue or any problem with the dns settings.

I’m kind of lost, can you offer me any help? I think that I also have cloudflare activated through here.

P.S: I use a plugin called wp fastest cache, could it be a problem? I don’t minify from both cloudflare and the plugin or anything like that

Does Google Webmaster Tools report any 523 errors?

523 normally means a connectivity problem between Cloudflare and your origin server. There are a few possibilities, but first, do you have any firewall rules on your origin server that limit access (e.g. to only Cloudflare’s IP range)?

It does not.

Thene again, even when I did have an actual 523 error (which Siteground fixed) it didn’t show anything, and there are no problems on their end.

I’m not entirely sure what “origin server” means, but my website is hosted on siteground and I don’t think that they have any such limitations.

Also, google can’t crawl my website:

What should I do?

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