Goolge site kit blank and Meta tag showing incorectly on google search

Is it likely anything to do with Cloud Flare?


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About Us · Store; 4Open submenu (Education)Education · Wholesale; 4Open submenu (HELP)HELP; 3Open submenu (Affiliate)Affiliate. Close submenu …

No, HTML comes from your server.

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Thanks, I new here. Can I ask what domain we should point to serve analytics.js.

You mean Google’s? I am afraid that is a question for Google.

Site Kit is a plugin. In general, plugins do not request URLs over the internet. They are installed at your origin server, and request the files they need directly to the server. Site Kit, however, does request many files over the internet to be able to pull information about your site analytics, search, ads etc, but they are all Google properties. So they are not making any external requests that would go to your domain via Cloudflare. You should head to or Google’s own support pages for further troubleshooting the blank page issue.

As for the meta description, Google stopped considering only the description meta tag about 2 years ago. Now they arbitrarily re-write your meta description based on parameters such as the search query, visitor location etc. You can do a Google search for your domain and you’ll probably see the basic descriptions you prepared. But as you add some search query and run the search for natural products, you should see some descriptions changed by Google to better match the search query.

I see at least one meta description in pseudo-Latin (or is it real Latin?) That comes from your website, so unless you created this description, you may consider scanning your site for malware and beefing up your security features both on Cloudflare and at your origin.

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thanks for your informative response. very much appreciated!


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