Google's cache layer layout is messed up

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I use elementor+wp rocket+Cloudflare to build a website, but I found that when Google searches and clicks on the website, the page layout will be messed up. I guess the problem is the cache layer submitted by Cloudflare to Google, because I use
Checking my website’s cache on google found that the page would just be mis-layouted on google’s cache, as shown in the following URL:

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jumbled pages:

normal page:

Cloudflare does not interfere with Google crawlers unless you set a Firewall Rule or some other rule to that effect.

Your Google-cached pages do contain all CSS and JS files needed to render the page nicely, but a CORS policy prevents the browser from loading those files from an origin that it’s not the same origin as the HTML (that is, your domain). That’s why pages look messed up.

Changing CORS to allow Google is something you should be able to do at the origin, but that would make your site less secure.

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