Googlebot Runs Through Cloudflare IP Addresses?


All requests through Cloudflare will show a Cloudflare IP address in your logs unless you restore the visitor IP address.

Is it possible you are looking at logs from 2 different sets of servers and one has visitor IPs set/configured to be restored and the other one doesn’t?


…or server name based vhosts on the same server…


The most likely scenario is still one server and the DNS setup as explanation. One host going through Cloudflare, the other one directly. That would explain the actual IP addresses (naked domain) and Cloudflare’s (on www).


agreed on that. Those were the two vhosts I was referring to.


Go to your Google Webmaster tools and check your sitemap. A malicious hacker may have created a sitemap for you that Google detected by and used creating a bunch of backlinks for Google to crawl. You can can control crawl rates and what is crawled. Google webmaster tools sitmaps and crawl rates is something for you to research more.

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