Googlebot is unable to crawl website since those IP changes related to

We are using WHM/Cpanel

As of yesterday Google is not indexing our website because of a 403 error. Blocked. All of our site rankings have dropped out of the Google search index cause of this.

This has something to do with the IP change.

Prior to this change everything was fine. Now nothing but problems.

Once I shut off Cloudflare, Google is able to index the website again. However, I still want to continue to use Cloudflare.

We use WHM/Cpanel and whitelisted all those IPs in CSF.

This change has caused nothing but problems. Any advice what i can do?

That’s extremely unlikely. The IP address change, for those who haven’t implemented it, is less restrictive. And for those who have implemented it, it effectively changes nothing operationally.

But if Google is showing a 403 error, check your Firewall Event log for what’s triggering it. It may be that you have enabled a bot fight mode here. Or it could be something else that the log will show you.

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My apologies I had

Verified bots

Verified bots are unique good bot identities validated by Cloudflare. Select an action for verified bots for this traffic set to BLOCK

Stupid me i read that wrong. Should have kept it on ALLOW. Now Google reads the site fine and hopefully I didn’t do too much damage to my ranking.

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