Googlebot is blocking by cf

Hi Team,

We have many sites on cf and use the same firewall setting for Googlebot.
However, only one of our sites has trouble with the google search console.
We got 403 from there. It’s only working fine if we turn off the “CF specials”
But we don’t want to turn off this rule.

Any thoughts?
Thank you.

Check the firewall event log to find why it got blocked.

I check the event log based on our bot rule. that page was allowed by the rule but still got blocked by the google search console. when I turned off “CF specials” then everything was fine. Do you know where can I see the log based on “CF specials”?

Anything blocked by WAF should be listed there as well. Actually, if it was blocked by Cloudflare, it should be listed there. If you can’t find any entry there, it was probably blocked by your server and you need to check the server logs as well.

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