Googlebot IPs not in Known Bots list?

It seems in the last six hours some Googlebot instances are not in the Known bots list.

I have a rule in place to block UA Googlebot that returns Known Bot false.

For the last six hours a Googlebot coming from,,, and has been returning Known Bot false, when in fact those are true Googlebot IP.

Typically the missed/falsely flagged ips are later added to an allowlist, however, if more people report this problem, I think it would make sense raising an issue with engineering.

I know it happens (and has always happened) but I don’t know how often or how many people is affected by it.

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Assuming this is related, as it is tagged Bot Management:

I would track that, and let us know if after it is resolved the issue persists (or if it goes away!)


Sounds like it, thanks.

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