GoogleAnalytics App not working


Hi All
I’m having problems getting the Google Analytics App to work. It’s been working fine for several years but for a month or more it’s stopped working. Today I’ve tried uninstalling / reinstalling, clearing cache, checking settings at analytics etc to no avail… Are there any settings on CF that might conflict with the google app? Any advice would be massively appreciated!




What’s the error? Can you share more information/screenshots?


Hi, The app is installed fine but I’m not seeing the GA code in the html and its not showing in GA dashboard. Here’s an example page thats linked from a wordpress install -

I’ve spent hours trying to work this out but I’m not getting anywhere.


There is no GA tag on the provoded link. You need to add GA code to every page of your website (manually or via plugin if you are using a CMS)


I thouhght the point of the google analytics app on cloudflare was to automatically add the GA tag avoiding the need to manually add a tag onto every page?


Just had a look on a different domain where analytics is working via the CF app. A page that’s not linked to the main site automatically has this line added - .

The linked script contains all the google analytics info automatically embedded by CF.


Adding GA code to page for a CF app is very easy but in your case it is not working either because you have misconfigured app or an app bug.


I’ve checked the settings and they are all fine so I’m guessing it’s something else. Any useful advice would be most welcome.