Google Workspace Records

We want to add the Google Workspace records to the Cloudflare backend. Our email [email protected] is not working as these records are not added. please help

Your MX entries point to an Indian host, I presume this won’t be what Google told you to configure, right?

You will have to configure the correct entries according to the Google instructions.

Hi Sandro, thanks for the response.

I have the correct workspace records and I tried to change them but It’s showing a few errors.
I am not familiar with SPF, TXT and MX records. Is it possible for us to connect over a google meet?

Check out the article I linked as it should be pretty straightforward to change these DNS entries.

If you get an error message, I would suggest to first use the search, and if you can’t find anything, you can post a screenshot here.

Generally, however that is something you need to discuss with your mail provider, as Cloudflare does not handle email.

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