Google Workspace emails include a "Be careful with this message" phishing warning

Hello. I’m not a network tech, just a layperson, but I’m moderately good at sleuthing this stuff to a point. I’m trying to figure out why emails coming from our domain which is managed by Google Workspace all contain a phishing warning. I believe we need to add an SPF record to our domain. Our domain name is registered with Network Solutions but the nameservers are listed as Cloudflare. See the warning image below. I am a Google Workspace admin as well.

Thanks in advance. I don’t want to mess anything up with our staff email!

Google Workspaces has a great article on how to do this here: Link

Basically, you want to log into the Cloudflare dashoard and go to your domain -> DNS (a button on the left sidebar)

Then you want to add a TXT record with a name of @ and a value of what is linked in that support article.

Note: this assumes you only send email from Google Workspace. If you send email from other places on your domain, then you’ll have to merge the Google Workspace SPF record with a record sourced from the other place you send mail from.


Thank you @mcfadyeni for the prompt response. I got the TXT record in there successfully. I’m assuming everyone uses Google Workspace which is basically just using a web browser to get email vs. Mail or Outlook (but I’m verifying that). I understand it can take up to 48 hours for this SPF thing to start working so I’ll check back. Your help is much appreciated.

As long as you are sending via Google Workspace you should be good (the Mail app is fine because that just uses Google’s servers, Outlook is a different service so that would change things) :+1:


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