Google Workspace EMail (Gmail)


What SPF record should i enter or add in DNS cloudflare if my email server is gmail workspace company email?

also, is there a specific setting should i consider or use to implement DMARC that uses email google workspace accounts.

Thank you in advance

You’ll get these records from your email service provider, Google in this case.

Google has a detailed guide here: Help prevent spoofing and spam with SPF - Google Workspace Admin Help

If you just want to jump to the record to use, here it is (but I’ll recommend reading the full guide given above, as there are a lot of useful details in there): Add your SPF record at your domain provider - Google Workspace Admin Help

From your Google Workspace Admin dashboard, go to:

Apps -> Google Workspace -> Gmail -> Authenticate email (Set up email authentication (DKIM))

… to retrieve the info to use. If you have multiple domains, be sure to select the appropriate domain name.

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