Google workspace email errors

Hi everyone. Most of my email isn’t coming to my inbox and I think it’s a DNS problem. Long story short my Google domain subscription got cancelled because I had to cancel the card I used for it. Google helped me get it back running and told me to add the Google workspace MX records and SPF record and said it wouldn’t function properly if I didn’t. Well those records were still in Cloudflare but only about half of the emails I know are getting sent to me show up in any of my Inboxes. I’m not sure what to do, Thanks for your help

If you shared your domain with us, we could have a look at it.`

There don’t seem to be any obvious problems that would prevent you from receiving emails in your DNS configuration.

Interesting, that’s what i thought too. Multiple times password change emails and account verification emails other things from different sites haven’t came through to any of my inboxes

Seems to me like there is some issue.
You’re missing few MX records at first sight :thinking:

Have you considered double-checking DNS records and re-adding the missing ones?

I checked and I have all 5 MX records in the table on that page. Also when im looking at my DNS records page, not even clicking anything. This error sporadically pops up at the bottom of my screen. “API Request Failed: GET /api/v4/accounts/b7c419620ed59dcfda066b19d9310b4c/workers/domains/records?zone_id=fe88da0224363fa492d2522d7c4e7e74 (undefined)” Could that have something to do with it?

I have seen occurrences where bounced emails result in the address being added to a suppression list managed by the sender. You would have to enlist the senders to explore that possibility.

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