Google Workspace better than Cloudflare email for spam protection?

We starting using Cloudflare email since it’s cheaper than Google Workspaces, but now we get heaps of spam everyday.

Seems like going back to Google Workspaces for managing our email is a better idea. Are there any other options? Does Cloudflare have some kind of spam protection which I don’t know about? Why would anyone use Cloudflare for email? Doesn’t everyone get a ton of spam, or we special?


Hello there,

Are you talking about Email routing? or something else? I suggest you to read the doc before using to know about its benefits & limitations:

If you are thinking about spam protection, you can learn more here on Cloudflare Area 1 zone:

Please keep in mind that this is a civilized forum and it would be nice if you refrain from swearing!

It depends on your email provider, here are some of my messages that have been marked as “Spam” (not the food) recently

I mean, I know that isn’t related, but it does answer the question (in a way)

I think we how it works, we’ve been using it for about a year I think. we are forwarding our mail [email protected] emails to Front — our helpdesk software. but we get a huge amount of spam. It seems Cloudflare doesn’t so much to protect against spam like Google does. That Area 1 zone you mentioned is about phishing protection; not SPAM. I already looked into that.

Anyway, any addition ideas on my problem are welcome… but so far it seems Google Workspaces is still the best option.

But when you use Cloudflare Email —- Cloudflare is your email provider. You can’t have MX records for Cloudflare Email and gmail. You gotta pick one or the other right?

We are sending Cloudflare Email to our Front Inbox, and we reply by sending stmp outgoing via Postmark.

How are you doing it? How is your email provider? What is the relationship/config between Cloudflare Email and your email provider?

Thanks. I edited my post. Strictly speaking the word I used is not swearing. Swearing refers to making oaths, not scatalogical talk ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Probably because

Using Cloudflare Email Routing for anything other than forwarding a personal vanity domain to your regular email account wouldn’t be something I’d recommend to anyone.

Eh… I am reasonably sure shitton is an accepted unit of measure for spam.


Thanks mate! I Thanks for the confirmation! I just wanted to reality check my assumptions here, but it seems like I’m not totally crazy.


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