Google website help
I am doing my best and do not understand how to activate the DNS to my Website in Google which

I can not publish the site now in the Google my business

That domain is not using Cloudflare. It is using Google’s Name Servers.

 % dig +short NS

At this time, that domain is redirecting to a Google Search & Maps for that domain.

If you need help setting up your Google website, I suggest you reach out at Google:

hi, I am confused, can you help me to set it up with Cloudflare, it is listed as an active Domain here??

as you can see it is Active

You really need to get your site up and running before you start using Cloudflare. Trying to configure it in Cloudflare before you have a working site is going to be quite difficult.

Please contact your web host to help get you started with their setup. Once that’s working, we can help you with how to transfer your DNS settings to Cloudflare.

I have a website
Thanks for the info

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