Google webpage test slower than lighthouse results

I am a bit confused but I can get all green when using lighthouse tests for mobile for the web page but when checking via google page speed insights it is slower . Site is on Pro plan with X-HTML worker integration to check html on the edge. Was wondering if the google page speed insights somehow bypasses this cache as I tried several times incase just did it the first time to build the cache but no improvements. Maybe I am missing something?

Have you used Lighthouse from or have you tested within Chromium (local test)

GPSI anyway always is measured from PageSpeed Insights which is an external test, so you probably compare a local test against a external one

props to you for bringing a WordPress site to this level of optimization!

Seldome to see WP Pages perform so good :slight_smile: hopefully Google will reward you with many clicks for this

Hi thanks I was using chrome local test of lighthouse. And just trying to understand if some of these tests perhaps run on a non-cached on edge version of the site compared to running on cached edge version for why the score drops. E.g. I just ran it now and got this score on the site you linked which is lower than lighthouse and what you got on your screenshot. This is what is confusing me why the score seems to drop for me testing.

As CloudFlare is a reverseProxy CDN you should definitely warm up your Cache at the edge and then test again. Or just run the test about 3-4 times, then it 100% hits Cache.

  1. Run

  2. Run

Also I see the loadingorder and procesing order of your website can vary from load to load. Thats probably something you should take into consideration to improve as otherwise you can even test twice with GPSI the very same site and do get different results.

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Ok sweet thanks got it green now on this site good to see it getting green on performance on one of these sites now and not just local :slight_smile: Thought it was something simple just on other site PageSpeed Insights would not see the green for performance so good seeing this site when run a few times it gets the cache and gives it a better score.

Thanks for mentioning the load order being difference will look into this as well.

You are welcome, once you need some more tipps just ask for :slight_smile:

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