Google want a CNAME , locked out of email on file, don't remember my log in to cloudflare

Hi, Google/Gmail are asking for a CNAME report to prove I own my domain before they will unlock our Gmail " Your organization’s Google Workspace account has been suspended.
Please contact your Google Workspace Organization Administrator to re-activate your organization,

but I don’t remember the email address I used for Cloudflare, the system allows you to asked for it using the domian, but then sends it to the email Im locked out of, anyone help?

Temperary change dns to other DNS hosting and use some other free emal hosting for domain or any cpanel have a email hosting.
Reset password at Cloudflare, then login to Cloudflare and change back dns to Cloudflare

Or, another way is create another Cloudflare account and change domainname to new dns of new Cloudflare account.

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HI @downey_andrew I noticed your ticket with Support.

Support cannot add records on your behalf. On the Community we can tell you how to do that

In particular this one,

You will need to either figure that out, or add the domain to the account you are using here, change nameservers at your registrar and then worry about setting the CNAME record.

Support cannot do any of that on your behalf and the fastest route to resolution is to post questions here if you have them.

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