Google verification for a SUBdomain

I have tried one week to establish Google verification. I kindly ask you to help me as SUBdomain is in example: How to put verification TXT record in this way inside Cloudflare?
TXT record, and
value XXX

will not work.

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Hi @matjaz.toplisek,

What doesn’t work? Can you post a screenshot of both the record you are trying to add and the one you added in Cloudflare?

Seems to add OK…

You forgot we have Subdomain. If you have domain like and Subdomain attached to it.

We like to make it working When added TXT Google will not recognize it.

Nope, didn’t forget… It’s what I referred to in my response. What about the questions I asked?

Due to security we do not post sensitive data. I have posted to Cloudflare support. Sorry.

Thats fine, afraid there is nothing I can do to help without more info.

The problem here is that Google does not verify in subdomain, but Apex domains:

Is it technically possible to track separate SUBdomain like and separate main domain?

That is probably a question for the Google Webmaster forum. Here, we mainly help with Cloudflare issues and you are more likely to get a helpful response there.

Yes, I agree.