Google Uptime Checks

Host is saying Google Uptime check requests still getting through. We are using the WAF blocking using the following is there something else or other format we should be suing? GoogleStackdriverMonitoring-UptimeChecks(Cloud Monitoring  |  Google Cloud)

How are they getting through? What types of checks are they?

What does your WAF rule look like? Is it just blocking Google’s IP ranges or something else?

No idea just coming through to the tune of 270,000 visits a month from Google server IPs 35. something. Not coming from our account, read online anyone can setup uptime check for any public domain so perhaps someone set up to check but blowing through bandwidth and site visits.

 Rule was in original comment:    GoogleStackdriverMonitoring-UptimeChecks([Cloud Monitoring | Google Cloud](

Does Google publish the IPs of their health checks?

What is the full expression? Are you checking user agent is or contains or something else?

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I am also trying to block the IPs post Cloudflare but trying to do in bulk here. And I gave the full expression we are using not understanding the question to be honest. Does anyone know of how these blocking systems actually work here and what if anything I need to do to the provided rule to get it to actually start blocking properly?

How have you blocked the requests in Cloudflare? What is the exact process and setting you have used.

Security > WAF > Tools > User Agent Blocking >
Action: Block

Above using actual https it wouldnt let me add as link here for some reason in comment

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